Aluminum Cans | Can walls

Many of the walls inside the Earthship are made of concrete. These walls are considered partition walls, since they do not support the roof. They essentially act as dividers between rooms.

One unique feature of these walls is that recycled materials can be used as filler to create a lighter and more durable concrete wall. In the previous post, we explored the use of bottle bricks to create small portals of light into the interior spaces. Some partition walls are better as solid, flat surfaces. The filler in these walls is primarily aluminum cans. The cans are slightly crushed to keep them from sliding out of the concrete.

Because the cans are shorter than bottles, they can be covered over easily creating a smooth wall surface. Alternatively, the bottoms of the cans are sometimes used to create a mirrored mosaic pattern.


What about tin or steel cans? These cans do not work well for wall filler, because they are open on one end and therefore less supportive.

We will need several contractor bags full of aluminum cans.



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