Cardboard boxes | Box Forts?

Who doesn’t like building a cardboard box fort?! Any respectable fort builder knows that boxes are coveted fort-building materials. Earthships puts them to good use in a less creative, but purposeful way.

In an Earthship, cardboard boxes are used for sealing the gaps along the bottom of tires before being pounded full of dirt. As the tires in the wall are staggered, gaps form below. If the tires are not sealed with cardboard, the dirt will fall out of the bottom gap as the tire is pounded. cardboard-boxes-gold-coast

An average sized moving box will provide two (2) tires worth of packing. Therefore, we will need about 600 or more boxes worth of cardboard!

On this year’s Boxing Day, please consider breaking down and saving boxes to donate to our Earthship. 


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