The Bush-whacking Incident

People are wondering what is happening with the Earthship.  I will get to that in the next post.  Let me share with you what I have been up to since last I typed.

In anticipation of getting full swing into the process of building this Earthship, I decided to leave my place of employment. The last day at that steady-paying job was the same day as the inauguration, January 20. (What a surreal and bitter sweet day it turned out to be).

Then, it was time to let the Earthship planning commence!

0121171236a-1The following day, we took a trip to “the property” in New York. It was a lovely warmish wintry day. I was dead set on laying out the driveway so that I could envision it in real space. Unfortunately, overgrown brush was obscuring my vision of a driveway path. So, I got to it with a manual weed whacker clearing brush like a maniac.  Then, I sat in a car for 2.5 hours. All very bad ideas, if you know me well enough.  My back muscles retaliated the next evening by seizing up as I tried to get up from the couch to head to bed. It was all I could do to lower myself to the floor and lay there yelping like a wild animal until the spasms quieted.

I had done it.  To myself.  Wow, was I sorry.

Two days of having a “lead pelvis” that I couldn’t exert any muscular effort to lift without threat of debilitating pain. Day three, the spasms quieted. I assumed a rather sharply tilted hunch. On day 7, a week from the whacking frenzy, my posture returned. Yesterday, after a visit to my savior of a chiropractor, I finally do not feel like my hip is jutting out of socket. Today, I am back to being in my true body after living for 10 days in a crippled version.

Whew, this was my longest recovery yet. I guess what they say about aging is true, darn!

Now that I’ve had that harsh reality check, I’m more grateful for my “normal” mobile self even with the flaws.  I’m just happy to be able to take care of myself again, something I clearly must make a priority during this whole home building process. I’m official on paperwork duty. I am planning to add strength training to my routine now that I have a membership to the Y.  That should help me prep my body for the physical aspects of home building (light-duty).

I promise to get an Earthship update out soon.  Everyone is wondering what is next.



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