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The ES Euphoria is born!

It’s here! Our floor plan arrived in the mail Friday!

Here’s our 3-bedroom Simple Survival Earthship. (The drawing shows (2) bedrooms and an office, but it is really meant to be (3) bedrooms).


The ES Euphoria floor plan from Earthship Biotecture.

(This must look very strange compared to a traditional home’s floor plan).

Let me briefly walk you through the layout. At bottom is a mock patio setup showing where the exterior doors enter the greenhouse that spans the entire front of the house.  The green shapes inside the greenhouse are biocells, layers of dirt and other materials inside a liner that not only filters gray water, but provides nutrients for the plants rooted in it’s fertile, irrigated soil. Behind the greenhouse is another full length wall of windows and glass doors leading into the main living spaces. Wrapping the spaces on three sides are the tire walls, compacted dirt, rigid foam insulation and more dirt to create a berm. At top you see the (3) cisterns that will hold collected rain water and several long pipes going out under the ground to act as cooling tubes. These are all buried under the berm created by piling dirt all around the back and sides.

If you are interested in knowing more about the dynamics of these “living” homes, please check out the Earthship Biotecture website.

If you have questions, you can also contact me at


We are getting the land, finally!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that we are finally moving along again with the move to Ithaca and the building of our Earthship. pexels-photo-175045

Here’s a little recap so far in case you missed it!

In August, our offer on 10 acres of mostly wooded land located outside Ithaca was accepted.

We’ve been working for about 5 months on setting a closing date.  We were waiting on gas lease paperwork to release the gas leases (3) that were on the land from many years ago. They had already expired and NY has a moratorium on gas drilling, so no drilling would have happened. However, these docs are necessary to clear the title before the closing can happen.  We’ve waited a very long time…

Now, it’s time. We are in the process of setting a closing date, one that might actually still be in this calendar year.





What is an Earthship anyway?

Earthship is the term for a unique type of eco-friendly and sustainably home that interfaces with natural phenomenon to care for its inhabitants.  Earthships provide these six basic survival needs and they do it all without a single utility connection:

Shelter / Comfort – thermal mass and passive solar heating

Water – roof water catchment system

Food – indoor planters filter gray water (for reuse in toilets)

Energy – solar panels and wind turbines for power generation

Recycling – reuse materials available in modern society (tires, bottles, cans, cardboard)

Sanitation – onsite waste treatment via septic system with optional outdoor planter